•      Beijing zhaoyang electromechanical equipment Co., LTD. Has the qualifications of independent legal science and technology enterprise, is the professional supplier of seal zhaoyang. As a domestic leading technology of seal, company with professional supplier for aerospace sealing technology, strong technical force, advanced equipment, product quality is stable and reliable, and reached the advanced world level, completely replace the imported products. At the same time, the company has very strong research and development ability, the new technology can according to user requirements, the special conditions of sealing products design. To ensure the quality of products, in the design, equipment selection, the choice of methods and inspection equipment to meet all of relevant standards for the principle, and developing a more strict high standard. Also equipped with advanced testing instruments, such as roughness measuring apparatus, advanced detection instruments digital display. Mould adopts CAD and CAM technology, production process with computer network management, rapid, accurate, flexible and provide various forms of high quality.

          Since its establishment, the company will years of research results from aerospace industry is extended to other fields, currently in metallurgical, petrochemical, engineering machinery, forming machins tooles, agricultural machinery and mining machinery industry, also widely used for production of hydraulic cylinder, cylinder and other sealing equipment manufacturers provide reliable products and services. By professional and technical personnel, adhering to the business sales department to reduce the production cost of providing our customers with the principle, warm and thoughtful service. Companies with domestic famous metallurgical equipment manufacturers, petrochemical industry, end user and equipment maintenance department's close cooperation in various fields, accumulated the rich experience. On this basis, we in high-performance sealing materials, design methods and sealing systems theory, the latest achievements, and constantly introduce new problems to solve the optimal scheme sealing, all this, so that we can provide you with excellent technical consulting service and high quality sealing element laid solid foundation.

          Beijing zhaoyang electromechanical equipment Co., LTD. Of advanced manufacturing technology, strict quality management and good business reputation and high-quality service, our company has obtained the approval and support of numerous customers, we will constantly strive to better products for your services.

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